Registrars Services

We offer a comprehensive package for clients seeking registrars services. Our team is expertly trained in registration processes and can conduct same-day processing of transfer deeds, certifications and electronic transfers.

Our Service Offerings Includes

Lighthouse Registrars Limited is a SEC-licensed registrars that manages Shareholders' Register for Corporate Institutions. We facilitate communication between investors and corporations by managing records to provide timely and relevant information to investors for their active engagement in the business of their organisations.

At Lighthouse, we provide our clients with exceptional investment tracking services through the following service offerings:

  • Updating records with the Registrars (change of address, bank mandates, change of name, etc.)
  • Processing of E-dividend mandates and payment of dividend
  • Divestments
  • Confirmation of stock holdings and consolidation of CSCS accounts
  • Restoration and Extraction of Share Certificates
Share Registration/
Data Management

  • Daily maintenance of Share Registers of Clients
  • Handling Clients Corporate actions
  • Dividend management and stock reconciliation (E-Dividend)
  • Security Data Consultancy

Capital Market/ M&As
  • Initial Public Offerings (“IPOs”)
  • Follow-on Offerings
  • Rights Issues
  • Bonus Issues
Investor Relations/
  • Distribution of Annual Reports to Shareholders
  • Officiating Annual General Meetings (AGMs)
  • General Meeting/EGMs
Probate & Transmission
  • Dematerialisation of share certificates
  • Share transfer processing or Bank Mandate processing
  • Seamless transfer of assets
  • Procurement of Letter of Administration