Lighthouse Capital Limited has more than three decades of financial expertise and a proven track record in various segments of the Nigerian capital market. We offer top-notch financial services including investment banking, securities trading, asset management, registrars services and financing solutions to our clients.


We are a strong, emerging, best in-class financial service provider in Nigeria.

Established in 1985 as Rims Securities Limited, a registered Issuing House, Broker/Dealer, and Financial Advisor. Admitted as a dealing member of the Nigerian Stock Exchange on 30th January 1986. Rebranded to Lighthouse Asset Management Limited in 2000 and Lighthouse Capital Limited in 2020. We are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission and a member of the Nigerian Exchange

Lighthouse Registrars was founded on 21 December 1987 as Rims Trustees Limited and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in 1992 to provide registrars services.

The Finance House, operating under the name Lighthouse Investments Limited, was established in 1987 and obtained a CBN license as a registered Finance House on September 17, 1993, to provide financing to businesses and retail clients.

At Lighthouse Capital, we offer innovative financial services tailored to our clients' unique needs. We remain dedicated to rebranding, optimizing processes and enhancing infrastructure in order to continue to meet client requirements.


To be a premier financial services provider committed to global best practice principles.


To create wealth for our clients and stakeholders by offering premium financial products and top-notch professional services

Our Subsidiaries

To maintain our position as a top-tier financial services group, our organization operates through the following subsidiaries and licenses:

Lighthouse Asset Management

We offer an unmatched client-centric approach in the areas of Direct Private Investment, Principal Strategic Investment, Proprietary Trading and Impact Investment.

Lighthouse Registrars Limited

Lighthouse Registrars Limited, a subsidiary of the Lighthouse Group, offers unparalleled registrars services: share registration, probate and transmission services.

Lighthouse Finance Company Limited

Lighthouse Finance Company Ltd. is a CBN-licensed Finance House that provides financial solutions to help clients achieve their objectives. Our Finance House is managed by seasoned professionals with extensive experience in local and international financial transactions.

Issuing House

We have over two decades of industry experience offering Capital Raising, Mergers and Acquisitions and Structured Finance services.