Capital Markets

Our Capital Market work closely with clients (private and public sectors) to meet their medium to long term funding objectives by assisting to execute capital raising mandates. To ensure seamless transaction execution, our specialists assist to develop effective financing strategies, determine optimal deal structure, secure relevant regulatory consents approvals, and coordinate the entire transaction process for effective delivery.

Lighthouse has participated in several landmark capital raise transactions including Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), Bond Raise and Loan Syndications, Rights Issues, and other follow-on Public Offerings for both the private and public sector clients in the Nigerian capital market.

Our dedicated team of professionals have a well-established reputation for quality execution and delivery. We heavily leverage on our strong network of relationships with our expanding investor universe including foreign and local investors. We have direct access to pension fund administrators, insurance companies, private equity firms, hedge funds, venture capital firms, and other capital providers.

Our service/product offerings under the Capital Market include:

Our dedicated team work closely with diversified group of public and private institutions across several sectors of the economy, to rightly originate, structure and execute equity transactions, offering objective and strategic advice all through the capital raising process to maximize client profit.

Our equity capital market team advises clients on:

  • Initial Public Offerings (IPO)
  • Rights Issues
  • Private Placements
  • Offer for Sale
  • Other follow-on service offerings.

Our seasoned workforce provides innovative debt financing solutions to corporate institutions and government agencies at all levels. At Lighthouse, we combine our deep knowledge of the capital market with our access to a wide pool of potential investors to formulate bespoke debt financing solutions for our clients, whilst giving optimum advice on key issues such as timing, pricing, sizing and investor profiling. Our debt capital markets expertise spans:

  • Bond issuances by Corporate and Government institutions
  • Commercial Paper Issuance and other treasury instruments
  • Asset backed securities

In addition to our plain vanilla equity and debt capital market prowess, Lighthouse continues to work with its clients on quasi-equity issuances which include:

  • Convertible note/bond issuances
  • Convertible preference shares
  • Exchangeable bonds